The Services We Provide



Our Creche room        Aged 0 – 1 Year         Max 3 children

This room is designed with age appropriate toys that stimulate the young minds senses. Our daily routine in the baby room is tailored around the individual needs of each baby. We record all feeding, sleeping, medical administration and nappy changing in your baby’s journal so that you can monitor your baby’s routine closely.


Our Wobbler room      Aged 1 – 2 Years        Max 5 children

This room caters for the crawling child and inquisitive mind as they begin exploring spaces that they can reach to. We assist with their co-ordination skills and help them broaden the boundaries of their newfound environment. Our sensory tent is a visual educational resource that stimulates the senses and provides a calm and tranquil balance to their more mobile pursuits during the day.


Our Toddler room       Aged 2 – 3 Years        Max 12 children

The children in this room are gently encouraged in their social, emotional, language and cognitive development through a range of activities specific to the child’s growing independence. They are now talking and plenty of opportunity is provided to help them verbalise their requests with lots of group get togethers and circle time. The materials are more challenging than in previous rooms.


Our Preschool room    Aged 3 – 5 Years        Max 22 children                     Combined Groups

Our Montessori room Aged 3 – 5 Years        Max 11 children

The children are now absorbing information and new skills at a very fast rate and it is important that they are presented with many opportunities for this transfer of knowledge to take place. The Maria Montessori method of teaching is a wonderful way for children to absorb many concepts much broader than their a,b,c’s and 1,2,3.

Activities in all our rooms include dress-up, messy play, mystery sensory boxes, music and songs, story-time and arts & crafts.

Throughout the building, we carry out observations on your child’s behavioural and developmental skills. These are designed to assist parents in making informed decisions on the individual care plan that they require for their child.

After School Service

Our After School service collets from nearby Balloonagh Scoil Eoin and Holy Family. We run a homework club and snacks are served to the children when they come in from school.

To accommodate parents with two school collections at different times, we can drop your 1.40 child over to you from the crèche to the school gates at 2.40 so you only have to be at one place to collect both your children. We can also drop a 1.40 child from the crèche over to the school bus at the gates at 2.40 for him to meet up with his older siblings on the later school bus home.

Government Free Preschool Subsidy Scheme

The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme provides a free year of early childhood care and education for children of pre-school age.

As part of the scheme your child can access 3 hours free early years care and education, five days a week for 38 weeks (September – June).

Children qualify for the free pre-school year where they are aged more than 3 years 2 months and less than 4 years 7 months at 1 September in the relevant pre-school year.

 To avail of the programme at any stage during the pre-school year commencing  Children must have been born between the following dates (both dates inclusive)
September 2014 2 February 2010 and 30 June 2011
September 2015 2 February 2011 and 30 June 2012


……I’m so happy and relaxed knowing that our son is in the best of hands ! ” Parent Testimonial….